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A healing stone for thousands of centuries, Jade is the ultimate stone for longevity, harmony, luck, and health. A stone of prosperity, Jade attracts great abundance from the garden to the bank account. If that wasn’t enough, it promotes clear skin, balances blood sugar levels, and eases joint pain.


A true healing stone, Amber transforms negative energy into a positive healing force. It balances the wearer’s emotions and clears the mind, easing stress. Associated with the sacral chakra, Amber promotes sexual pleasure.


Malachite was popular with the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans for jewelry, amulets, and as a powder for eye shadow. It is the stone of transformation. It encourages personal growth and it is known to assuage irrational fears.

    Paraiba Tourmaline

    The Paraiba is an incredibly rare Tourmaline hailing from Brazil and is both the most precious and valuable in the world. With its incandescent glow, the highly sought after ascension gemstone helps to enhance communication through the throat chakra. The Paraiba Tourmaline, with its electric colors, strengthens the body and the spirit.

    White Pearl

    The pearl is a talisman of feminism, the arts, inspiration, and spiritual perfection. The white pearl grants foresight and is believed to bring freedom. In ancient Vedic texts, the pearl is born of the earth’s waters and the heavens powers. It is connected to the planet Venus, the goddess of love. These spiritual tokens connect the wearer to their inner goddess. This June birthstone embodies beauty, illustrates purity, and arouses new beginnings.

    Clear Quartz

    A master healer, Quartz is a panacea. Known as a looking glass to the soul, Quartz enhances meditation, clears energy and provides clarity. It manages to absorb, store, release and regulate energy. This stone is highly valued by spiritual leaders and healers, who believe the Quartz played a key role in the evolution of mankind.


    Agate has been used in healing amulets dating back to Babylon and continued to Greek and Egyptian civilizations through now. Agate stabilizes and balances energies, creating harmony and clarity for the wearer to remain calm and focused. Agate prevents insomnia and encourages pleasant dreams.


    The all healer, this magic gemstone is calming, balancing, and protective. The February birthstone, Amethyst brings clairvoyance and inner peace. It electrifies and opens spiritual channels and emboldens the wearer’s intuition. Also a hangover cure, Ancient Greeks and Romans studded their goblets with amethyst, believing wine drunk from an amethyst cup was powerless to intoxicate.


    The gemstone of courage, communication, and inner peace. Aquamarine unleashes fresh, welcoming energy that cools and soothes the nervous system and lulls emotions. Derived from Latin, meaning water of the sea, Aquamarine is a lucky charm for sailors and all those at sea. Deeply connected to the throat chakra, bolsters articulation, allowing the wearer to clear and activate their voice, ultimately assisting in overcoming the fear of speaking.

    Blue Quartz

    Known for cleansing the wearer’s aura Blue Quartz, also called Dumortierite, helps with self discipline and organization. This peaceful and tranquil stone reduces emotional tension, boosts mental clarity, and enhances the immune system. It also can lift depression and replace it with peace and happiness. The Blue Quartz inspires hope and promotes joy and understanding one’s spiritual nature.


    The gift from the sun, Citrine awakens optimism, invites success and attracts prosperity. A mood enhancer, this energizing stone brightens boosts confidence, increases creativity and strengthens the immune system. Connected to the solar plexus and naval chakra, the stone supports and guides sensitive wearers who are vulnerable to outside influences.


    The stone of invincibility and the king of gems. Connected to the crown and etheric chakras, the diamond illuminates the wearer, enhancing inner vision and opening the mind to the new and the possible. It relieves fears and calms anxieties. This April birthstone is symbolic of purity, love, wealth, and fidelity.


    The gem of the goddess Venus, the color of spring, vibrating with love, rebirth and eternal youth. It heals the heart, awakens inspiration, elicits wisdom, and jolts clarity. This May birthstone has adorned the finest, from Cleopatra, to Catherine the Great and Elizabeth Taylor.


    An empowering gemstone, the Garnet arouses deeper joy and desire. It awakens one’s sensual energy and stimulates pleasure (it is good for fertility). This January birthstone honors Sekhme, Egpytian goddess of war. A protector that has long been carried by travelers, it is used to prevent against accidents far from home. Garnets light up the night, shielding their owners from nightmares, and reducing body toxins.


    The nurturing stone, Jasper relaxes and comforts its wearer. It balances ying and yang energies, resulting in an internal state of peace. Jasper brings out one’s inner and outer beauty. A talisman in Native American culture, Jasper is used for rain making. 


    This magical stone assists in the transformation of the inner self and nourishes one’s intuition. Labradorite awakens self confidence, attracts success and provides deep insight into one’s destiny. The gemstone is used for dream recall and it is said to clear, balance, and protect the aura.

    Lapis Lazuli

    The zodiac stone of Sagittarius, honoring Athena, Greek goddess of war and wisdom. Lapis encourages honesty of the spirit, bringing inner peace and freedom from negative thought. It enhances intellectual ability, electrifying desire for knowledge, truth, and understanding. Lapis enhances circulation, releases stress, and activates the psychic center at the third eye. Throughout history, Lapis was employed as medicine, an aphrodisiac, and in powder form, as paint for Michelangelo.


    The stone of Gods and Goddesses in Indian tradition, the Moonstone makes the wearer increasingly receptive to divine guidance and creative inspiration. It is the talisman of the inward and outward journey, safeguarding night travellers and those at sea during the moonlight hours. The gem mollifies aggressive behavior and guides its keeper in dream state. Ancient romans believed it was formed from frozen moonlight.


    The guardian stone, Onyx protects the wearer and emits a grounding, energizing, and motivational energy. Onyx heightens focus, intensifies determination, and provides support during times of mental or physical stress. The gemstone holds onto memories of things that have happened to the wearer and assists one in keep their own counsel.


    Opals encourage individuality, galvanize spontaneity, stir inspiration, and jolt creativity. The opal releases inhibitions and is a powerful tool in promoting good health. Within this October birthstone, one will find entire worlds.


    In ancient Vedic texts, the pearl is born of the earth’s waters and the heavens powers. It is connected to the planet Venus, the goddess of love. These spiritual tokens connect the wearer to their inner goddess. This June birthstone embodies beauty, illustrates purity, and arouses new beginnings.


    Born of fire and brought to light. This August birthstone is the gem of warmth and well being. Peridot manifests abundance in all areas of one’s life. It carries the gift of inner radiance, sharpening the mind and expanding it to new levels of awareness. A stone of transformation, it is excellent for recovery and balancing the adrenal glands. A charm against personal darkness and evil spirits.

    Rainbow Tourmaline

    According to ancient Egyptian legend, this Tourmaline is the gemstone of the rainbow that galvanizes a colorful life. It nourishes romantic love and long lasting friendship. Additionally, the Rainbow Tourmaline acts as a remedy in times of grief, trauma and bitterness.


    The soul mate stone. Rhodochrosite is connected to the heart chakra and manifests love in all forms. A comforting and positive stone, it is helpful during moments of loss or grief. It brings repressed emotions to the surface allowing for great personal growth resulting in selfless love and compassion.

    Rose Quartz

    The love stone, connected to the Heart Chakra. Rose Quartz embodies unconditional love and attracts romantic love. Rose quartz heals a broken heart, fosters forgiveness, empathy, and reconciliation. Its soothing energy releases any jealousies, resentment, or anger one maybe harboring; bringing tranquility to the wearer.


    The stone of nobility, the Ruby is associated with royalty and wealth. The Ruby magnetizes prosperity, stimulates passion, and provides protection. It brings spiritual wisdom, enhances lucid dreaming, and sparks creativity. An aphrodisiac, this July birthstone stimulates the heart chakra, increasing vitality and chi - life energy force.


    The stone of royalty, the Sapphire enhances all cognitive functions. It activates the solar plexus chakra, the energy distribution center, boosting psychical energy and vitality. While reawakening the emotional system, it invigorates the wearer by eliciting excitement zest and joy. Connected to the Hindu god, Ganesha, merchants in India adorned themselves and toted Sapphires for centuries, believing in their ability to increase business success.


    Derived from the Latin word “spina” meaning spine, the Spinel is a protective, empowering, and detoxifying stone. It stabilizes the wearer’s aura by offering energy renewal and finding effective means of communication. If passed on, it is said to carry the protection and love of the giver.

    Star Sapphire

    Shimmering rays of a star are found on this phenomenal sapphire, the Stone of Destiny. Sir Richard Francis Burton traveled the Orient with a large star sapphire, believed to be of highest value for talismanic purposes. A guide to travellers and a protector from the evil eye, the stone’s good influence is though to be passed through time.


    This December birthstone awakens a high vibrational energy within the wearer when linking with higher realms and allows for deep, profound meditation. It's connected to the clairvoyant brow chakra, opening the third eye and enabling the release of psychic powers. When worn, it brings positive self-awakening qualities to other who appreciate its beauty.


    Known as the writer’s stone, Topaz works through the third eye chakra, inspiring creativity, speech, and writing. This November birthstone restores and improves communication, empowering the wearer and strengthening self-expression in a meaningful way.


    Turquoise, French for Turkish Stone, is the amulet of shamans, chiefs, and warriors. This December birthstone shields and transmits luck to its wearer. A strengthening and empowering stone, it alleviates exhaustion and combats anxiety and depression. It remedies the system, detoxifying the body and curtailing inflammation. It also deepens the wearer’s connection to nature and mother earth Gaia.


    This October birthstone expands the heart chakra, enlivening feelings of self love, confidence and a passion for life. Throughout the ages, shamans from Africa, India, and aboriginal tribes have used Tourmaline in their healing ceremonies. The Tourmaline balances yin-yang energies and helps to bridge the physical with the spiritual.

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