Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

The Alphabet collection explores La Belle Époque, an enchanting era in the history of Europe, known for its lavishness and creative ingenuity. Inspired by this dreamy and fairytale like period when jewelry captured the art of storytelling, The Alphabet comprises a series of Jesse’s uniquely crafted Art Nouveau lettering. Supremely timeless and Bohemian, this Capsule Collection also explores phrases of luck in French, Italian, and German including “Bonheur”, “Fortuna” and “Toitoitoi.” Another pendant reads “En Route”, an ode to the designer’s love for travel and also a reminder to its wearer to keep moving and evolving.

Crafted for today’s original Bohemians, Marlo Laz's The Alphabet possesses the bold spirit of Cleo de Mérode and the fluidity of Art Nouveau, preserving the artistic essence upon which our philosophy was founded.

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