December 21 2016

Casa Barragan


Luis Barragan was a mexican architect of sanctuaries, a master of colors. A winner of the Pritzker prize, his home and studio, which we visited on our most recent trip to Mexico city is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Barragan was influenced by European Modernism and his “emotional” architecture came to reflect the clean lines of the modernist movement.

Luis Barragan was known for his dramatic use of light and vibrant color combinations that create a majestic effect. A fellow traveler, Baragon found his way through Morocco, Spain, and France in the 1920s. His color palette and his love of magic & mystery speak directly to the la trouvaille collection. The way the light shines through on the pink tourmaline and blue topaz baguettes of the talisman. “Colors that blaze in the Mexican sun have always been exuberantly featured in everyday life and rituals. These colors restore the spirits, of our people, for whose retinas supreme beauty vibrates with the more audacious values and contrasts of tropical colors, of the variegated colors of tropical plants and birds.”

In early 2016, controversy broke out that Luis Barragon’s ashes were turned into a two carat diamond engagement ring by an American artist, Jill Magid.